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Haystar Flour Mill

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unmatched product with unmatched features

Heavy Six Cutter blades with extra brissels at top

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  • This super designed fine tuned chamber comes with  six cutter blades for faster grinding and heavy air blow to push flour  in the container
  • This comes with 20 Years long lasting durablilty
  • No Need to worry of its breakage as the precision edges does not touch chamber and grinds any grain smoothly
  • Comes with Modular and Deluxe range

Inside complete steel body cover for easy cleaning

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  • Inside body is in steel for easy cleaning of dust and flour with dry and wet cloths
  • Keeps it hygenic and clean everytime you grind any grains
  • Looks sober and tidy
  •  Comes with Modular and Deluxe range

Cloth FIlter technology is highy cost effective and hygenic



Advantages of Having cloth filter 

  • Easy to wash and clean
  • No maintanance, lasts long and durable
  • Cost just 100 Rs to replace new
  • Hygenic to health

Disadvantages of having plastic chamber

  • Unhygenic plastic particles can get mixed with the flour
  • If broken spare is costly to replace
  • Chances of easily getting break
  • Due to High heat of chamber, plastic can get melted easily

Electromagnetic turbo technology power saver motor



  • We use electromagnetic turbo technology power saver motor.
  • It cost 0.75-1 unit per hour of electricity consumption in which it grinds 7--20 Kg



 It comes with

  • 6 different size nets to get the flour as per your required texture
  • Heavy castor wheels for easy movement
  • Cleaning brush
  • Dust proof external cover

Compact and Sleek Design

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  • Designed considering the minimum space occupancy.
  • Its not bulky and heavy can be moved easily 
  • Height - 31 inches, Breadth - 14 inches, Width - 18.5 inches

Auto Turn ON/OFF

Leave that part to the Machine because it knows when to start and stop. 

This Machine won't start unless there are grains in the upper hopper. 

So pour the grains and be relaxed, It will even adjusts the speed.

Once the grinding is done it will turn Off on its own

Child Safety Feature

Machine turns Off if you or your children mistakenly open the door during the operation.

Eats less electricty

It consumes as low as 0.75-1 Unit per hour that is less even from your hair dryer.

Grinds healthy - Aluminium NO NO

We use high grade dye cast iron grinding chamber which keeps the eatable things safe and healthy. 

Grinds at low temperature

As compared to the traditional flour mill which grinds at very high temperature destroying all the valuable nutrients from the grain. Here we take care and makes grinding possible without destroying the vitamins.

This gharghanti features are designed to resolve the over heating problems

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Auto Cleaning Chamber System

This flour mill(gharghanti) understands that grinding is messy and therefore our unique technology makes it simpler by completely clearing the fine particles from the chamber.

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