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Haystar Flour Mill

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Flour mill details


Method to Use Four mill

First of all remove the cloth connector from the accessories bag kept in the upper hopper

Take out the container from machine, remove the plastic ring which is attached on the steel container.

Fix the elastic side of the cloth on the plastic ring and then attach that ring on steel container with the help of side hooks given on ring.

Slide the container below the grinding chamber and attach the other side of cloth on the lower square end of grinding chamber.

Step 1 : Open the grinding chamber and make sure there is Net No 1 Already present in the chamber( You can remove this net by sliding outside and can be changed to other given Nets like Net no 2,3,4,5,6 as per your flour requirements)

Step 2 : Swith ON the fourmill(Alarm will start ringing after switching ON the machine) Open the main door and keep the button near grinding chamber at Mode 2

Step 3 : Now pour 500 gm of wheat grain into upper hopper. (Machine will start grinding grain)

Step 4 : Wait for grain to finish and let the machine turn off automatically (It will turn off after 3 mins once the grain in the upper hopper are finished)

Step 5 : Open the main door and unhook the plastic ring which is attached on the steel chamber. Check the size of the flour collected in the container.

If you would like to change the net then change it to Net No 2,3 or 4  for more coarser texter.

Step 6 : After fixing the desired net in the grinding chamber , you can now pour upto 4.5 kg grain in the upper hopper at a time.

Important Notice : 

1) Before using machine make sure flourmill is kept 1 feet away from the wall.

2) Make sure doors of the griding chamber is properly closed 

3) When changing nets from grinding chamber always use brush to clean the corners of the grinding chamber.

4) Do not use water to clean grinding chamber or machine.

5) After continous use for 1 hour take 15 mins break before starting the next round of grinding.

How to fix cloth filter Video